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Tanning Frequently Askes Questions



Q: How long does it take to see color after tanning?
A: Tanning of the skin will appear within 6 hours (in most cases)

Q: How long will it take me to get a good base tan?
A: It depends on your skin – how well you tan and how often you go.

Q: How many minutes should I tan for?
A: We recommend starting off slow
DV4: Anywhere from 4-7minutes
Tower: Anywhere from 4-6 minutes
   Klassik:    Anywhere from 6-10 minutes

Q: Can I leave my child here in the lobby while I tan?
A: No – We can not be responsible for unattended children.  We do not have the proper licensing.

Q: Can I take my child into the tanning room with me?
A: We recommend that you do not take your child in with you.  Your child can receive UV rays from the bed just by being in the same room.  (If they insist on it, make them have the child wear protective goggles.)

Q: Can I take a friend in the tanning room with me?
A: No!  Only the person who signed up for tanning can go into the tanning room.

Q: Why am I getting white lines down my back in the klassik bed?
A: It is from the braces that hold up the acrylics.  To avoid this, you must shift in the
bed throughout the session.  This will help you get an even tan.

Q: Can I use both a tanning bed and the miracle mist?
A: Yes- we call it Double Dipping.  The bed will open up your pores and you should take better to the solution in the Miracle Mist.  **Don’t use any tanning lotions in the bed – they dilute the tan in the Miracle Mist.

Q: Can I bring my pet in your salon?
A: Absolutely no pets allowed in Horizon Sun Tanning Salon.

Q: Tell me about the Teeth Whitening.
A: Twilight Teeth is a 10 session teeth whitening product.  It should be used when you are tanning for at least 12 minutes (in reg. bed).  You will see the most results from our DV4 bed because of the high pressure facials.  The whitening lasts 2-5 months.  The gel should be applied before lotions.

Q: Why are the lotions you sell better than the lotions I buy at any grocery or drug store?
A: The lotions we sell are made by the best companies on the market.  They will help to enhance your tan to a deeper, darker level at a faster pace.  They also are made especially for indoor tanning and will put the vitamins and nutrients back into your skin that the bed takes out.

Q: Can I buy a monthly package and share it with a friend?
A: No.  When you buy a month, it can only be used by the person who purchased it.

Q: I want to buy a month, but I am going on vacation for 1 week.  Can you put my membership on hold or add an extra week?
A: No.  When you buy a month, it is 30 days and 30 days only.

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